Lighting Logistics

The first step in designing the lighting layout for my customers is to evaluate what to light and what level of light to do it with.   That’s where the creativity comes into play but it is the second step where the challenges often lie: “how do we light this?”

A good lighting contractor will not allow obstacles and logistical challenges to dictate his/her ultimate vision. What are some common challenges? Expansive paved surfaces such as driveways or patios in otherwise ideal locations for fixture placement. Large dense hedges or plant material up against the house. Existing decks, stairways, or structures where light should be incorporated but wiring may be difficult to hide.

Often second and third story architectural elements of a house, (such as dormers or cupulas), are set back off a lower roof line and therefore unable to be illuminated by ground-mounted fixtures.

An average contractor might look at these challenges and tell the customer that these areas can’t be illuminated. We, however, will look at these challenges and figure out a way to make it happen. If it fulfills the vision, it’s critical to find a way to do it.


An outdoor kitchen often provides the greatest challenges with several different types of fixtures and mounting requirements.

Fixtures for existing decks and railings and finding the best way to hide wire.


House up lights mounted in the decking floor, flush with the surface.

We core drilled these lights into the existing concrete drive to up light the stone façade between the garage doors. This allowed the illumination of the exterior house stone to remain uninterrupted.


12 volt sconce lighting is an excellent way to replace ‘glare bomb’ coach lighting and maintain a consistent effect with the entire lighting system

12 volt sconce lighting on tall deck posts


Special gutter mount bracket used to wash this stone chimney with light which would otherwise be interrupted by the shadow of the roof overhang.

Fixtures on expandable risers are mounted ‘inside’ of the hedge row to wall wash the house exterior with light.