Since 2004 I have been designing, planning, and installing low voltage outdoor lighting systems for residential and commercial clients.   As owner, not only do I work to provide services on every install, I also work to remain informed about the latest innovations in the industry.  From system components to improved installation techniques, the industry is always changing and improving.


LED CONVERSIONS:   We convert existing incandescent/halogen systems to LED.   We recently had a customer with an incandescent system running on 7  transformers.   We were able to convert the system to LED and run it on 1 transformer.  We took approximately 3300 watts down to 480 watts without losing any light output, while improving the overall aesthetic quality of their lighting.

EXISTING SYSTEM REPAIRS AND UPGRADES:   If you have an existing lighting system and would like to see if it’s worth repairing and/or upgrading, give us a call.   We’ll let you know if the fixtures and components are worth fixing or whether it’s best to start from scratch.   We can also recommend steps to improve and upgrade your system.

DEMO SERVICES: My customers do not come to me to purchase light fixtures and transformers, they come to me to purchase a lighting portrait for their outdoor living area.  To create an effect that will extend the use of their outdoor investment and transform it into a whole new dimension of aesthetics and function at night.

It’s going to take more than a catalog of light fixtures to help them understand and see this vision.   This is why it’s often prudent to set up a lighting demonstration for potential customer.   A demo is setting up temporary light fixtures and special demo transformers to create the lighting effects in the customers own yard.   Although the entire project cannot be displayed, the demo usually provides enough of a sampling to allow the customer to make an informed decision about what they want and don’t want.

If you are interested in finding out more about scheduling a demo, please contact us.

MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS:  The first year after we install a system, there is no charge for service calls.  Beyond that we stay on top of things by regularly checking in with our customers.  After the first year, we will offer a maintenance programs designed to be proactive and stay ahead of any potential issues. These are customized for each job and are very reasonably priced to encourage our customers to embrace proper system maintenance.