The LDF Difference

Other lighting contractors you meet will likely fall into one of these two categories:

  1. A landscape or irrigation contractor that offers lighting as an additional service
  2. A national franchise.

LDF is neither of these. All we do is lighting. It is our sole passion and focus. Since we are not a franchise, we are only accountable to our customers, not a national corporation dictating what products to use and streamlining creativity into a one size fits all package. Because lighting is all we do, we are not distracted by other work competing for our attention and resources. Lighting shouldn’t be just another item on a ‘services offered’ menu.

As owner I participate in the design and installation of every job. I am driven by my enjoyment of my work and the gratification it brings my customers. What I have learned over the last many years in business is that if you take care of the customer first, take ownership of every job, and enjoy what you do, the rest of the business will take care of itself.

These are the differences that matter to you and the differences that define LDF.